Private Lessons are the very best way to learn how to dance. They offer the most individualized instruction and flexibility for your schedule. You learn the dances you want to learn at your own pace.  Private lessons offer a learning pace that is tuned to you in particular and will teach you more, which usually means slightly accelerated over group classes.  Do you have a deadline to meet, like a wedding, or another special event? With private lessons you can achieve "your" goals. Come with or without a partner for personalized training from a qualified instructor. It's easy and it's fun  

Wedding or Special Event Dance Lessons

Everyone wants their wedding day to be extra special and what could be better than starting your life together with a wonderful dance to your special song?  We can help you make your dream become a reality by choreographing your wedding dance or helping you and your wedding party learn to dance for your reception,  bring your wedding song, or Let us know what type of music you listen to and we can help you find that perfect song.

Our private dance lessons are one full hour sessions and we focus on the dances you want to learn. 

  • One hour of dance instruction:
    $50.00 Per Couple                                                                                                                     
  • Three hours of dance instruction:
    $100.00 Per Couple       (a savings of $50.00)
  • Six hours of private dance instruction & a class:
    $200.00 per couple & we throw in a 6 wk class for no additional cost  (a savings of $200.00)
  • (Contact Aimee @ 515-975-0451 or email me @